The right size bedspread

Customers often ask me about the right size bedspread for their bed: it's common problem with modern beds and manufacturers. Unfortunately just because you bought a double or king size bed it doesn't necessarily follow that a double or king size bedspread will be the right size.

There are many criteria these days, mattresses are different heights plus divans often have drawers and  therefore deeper. Sometimes there's a mattress topper or protector as well, these all add to the dimensions.

There is only one way to be certain and that is to take a tape measure from one side - touching the floor if that's where you it to end -  then taking the tape up and across the width of the bed, over duvets or blankets, and down the other side. And of course they are often surprised when I tell them they may need a super king size even though the mattress is a king. Or a king if it's a double.

Manufacturers don't help either as their sizes vary significantly. so I do prefer it  if customers ring me first to double check. Tel: 01268 79336 or 07767 403276

For sizes generally:

As you will see the length is alway the same regardless of size but dimensions vary hugely on the width particularly on super king size so it's worth taking the trouble to measure.

There are a couple of other tricks I've learnt along the way:  as long as the pattern is random - not going one way - on a double bedspread you can turn it a quarter so the length goes across the width.  It won't go fully over the pillows but I think it looks quite nice to have them on show particulary if they are pretty lace or matching shams. You can also do this with a single bedspread, just remember it will just go to the top of the duvet. But can look very effective as well as saving a bit of money.

Also by way of explanation:

A sham is a pillowcase but quilted like the bedspread, generally with a centre opening on the reverse side  - unlike a standard pillowcase- with ties to fasten.

Comforter: another name for a quilt see for how the name came about.

Oxford pillowcase: a flat edge border around the pillowcase usually about 11/2 inches deep

Housewife pillowcase:  a pillowcase with no border these are generally placed on top of the Oxford pillowcase when dressing a bed

Euro pillowcase: this ia a square pillowcase for a continental square pillow, size 26" x 26" or metric 66cm x 66cm




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